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Comprehensive Ajax For J2EE - 4 day course in London
This training course teaches AJAX and all of its foundational technologies. XHTML and CSS2 are covered in details. Students will also learn the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and how to manipulate a page dynamically in the client side using JavaScript.
The AJAX API is covered in details. Students will also learn how to build their own AJAX based framework which will help them write complex applications quickly.
After completing this AJAX training course, the student should be able to:
Understand what is AJAX and when to use AJAX. Plan the architecture of an application that will use AJAX.

Manipulate look and feel and content of a page dynamically and in the client side using JavaScript. Because they learn CSS2 and HTML DOM, they will be able to create impressive visual effects and rich customer experience.

Make an AJAX application interact with the server using an RPC mechanism. Know how to build the server side code to support an AJAX client. Use a third party AJAX framework.

This Agile Development Essentials - A Technical Overview training course is an introductory level course is geared for managers, programmers, developers, executives, and anyone interested in learning the benefits of agile development.
Attending students should have knowledge of current development processes, such as structured top down development and the waterfall method.

This Agile Development Essentials - A Technical Overview training course is designed top cover the following areas:
Session: Introduction and Overview
Software Development Life Cycles
Basis for Agile Development
Iterative development
Incremental delivery
Session: The Agile Approach
The agile manifesto
Individuals and interactions
Customer collaboration
User stories
Working software
Forms of communication
Session: Iterative Development
What is iterative development
Iterating development cycles
Agile Approach: Phased Iterative Development
Change control
Session: Agile Analysis and Design
Approaches to analysis and design
Agile Modeling concepts
Iterative design approaches
Agile method: Feature Driven Development(FDD)
o Develop an overall model
o Build a features list
o Plan by feature
o Design by feature
o Build by feature
Session: Agile Programming
Classic programming approaches
Agile Method: Scrum
Agile Method: Extreme Programming
o Twelve Practices
Continuous Integration
Agile Testing
o Test Driven Development

Guide Price: 1450 + VAT per delegate

Delivery: Classroom
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