Tissue Viability

Delegates will achieve a better understanding of the factors that affect wound healing rates. They will revisit the anatomy and physiology of the skin and will have a greater understanding of wound care products; how, why, when, where and what to use and when products are contraindicated. Delegates are advised to adhere to the local wound formulary (if there is one in place) and our tutors will explain generically what each category of dressing does and when it should or should not be used. The training course should enable the delegate to manage the majority of chronic and new minor wounds competently in order to promote healing rates.

This course is targeted at healthcare professionals who deal with wounds; regardless of the health care setting. It is also suitable for those who already have experience of dealing with chronic wound care (NVQ Levels II & III) and are seeking a more in-depth study of the subject

Guide Price: 45

Delivery: Classroom
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