Call Centre Customer Care

Key customer care skills for anyone working “at the sharp end” in a call centre

If you want staff in your call centre to excel in customer service and leave the customer with a feeling of being cared for, this workshop will help them.

Customers often phone call centres expecting to get poor service – surprise them and get it right first time. This one day workshop will give call centre staff an opportunity through role plays to practice creating the right first impression.

The workshop identifies the most common problems and behaviours and helps delegates to develop the inter -personal skills that are key in keeping customers satisfied so that they will stay with you, recommend you and “buy” from you again.

Outline of the Workshop

 Creating the right impression

 What makes customers behave the way they do

 Telephone perfection

 Dealing with awkward customers and difficult complaints

 Communication skills

 Personal action plans

Benefits of attending – you will leave the event equipped to:

 Recognise and respond appropriately to different customers and situations

 Understand and improve (with a personal action plan) your own telephone style

 Get measurably better results from the calls you handle

 Learn and improve continuously once you get back to work

Who should attend?

Call centre staff at the “sharp end” will benefit from the models, concepts and skills trained on this workshop.- whether they are new to the job or looking for further training.

When: 2nd April. Repeated: 7th October

Workshop leader Cindy Sheppard

Guide Price: £435

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Call Centre »

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