Manual Handling - The Fundamentals

Pushing and pulling, lifting and carrying are seldom activities we pay much attention to. However, dealing with heavy and awkward loads - especially people - requires a careful and more considered approach. Serious injury can be sustained very easily when the incorrect technique is applied as many working in the care and health sectors can testify.

This course addresses the difficulties presented by many manual handling tasks and provides detailed explanations of the issues involved and the correct approach in tackling them. Whilst geared to those whose job is caring for people directly, most of the material applies generally. Pushing heavy trolleys, lifting people and heavy equipment - simply picking up something from the floor - are all covered.

The course includes an interactive Case Study illustrating the potential hazards that could result from a seemingly simple activity.

You can view a demo of the course free of charge by visiting our website.

The key topics addressed include:
* The importance of correct techniques and training
* The responsibilities of employer and employee
* Key legislation
* How the spine works
* The possible consequences of serious injury
* The effects of gravity, posture and leverage
* Additional risk factors
* Risk Assessments

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