I'm good at customer service

Good customer service Ė what does it look like?

You never really know how many customers you lose because of poor customer service.

In all types of organisations we all have to deal with sometimes 'those' difficult customers, but 'those' customers can actually be the ones who generate more business for you, this is, if you know how to practice good customer service.

Unfortunately some employees offer a poor level of customer service which impacts enormously on a company's reputation and inevitably their bottom line.

During the course we will share with you both good and poor customer service experiences whilst offering you solutions to potential issues you could face from your customers, clients, contractors or suppliers. You will realise the impact you have in situations and how you can influence the outcome as sometimes you don't really know what is going on in the customers world.

You will not have solutions to queries all of the time, but we will give you advice and knowledge on how you can address these types of issues professionally, whilst ensuring that you and your customers maintain good working relationships.

So what is the benefit to the bottom line?

A customer is like a needle in a haystack; hard to find, but very easy to lose.

It is important for you to stay motivated and confident when customers challenge you, complain and enquire about products or services your company provides because 95% of complaining customers will do business with you or your company again if you resolve the complaint quickly, and make sure the customer is satisfied with the result.

In highly competitive markets customers search for more than just the price, as they look for the best customer service experience available. It is up to each employee who interfaces with customers and clients to ensure that they deliver an exceptional service all the time, both internally to colleagues and externally to customersí, clients, and suppliersí which will result in positively promoting your company and its reputation.

Further Details
Dealing with customers can be very demanding and stressful at times but through Ďiímísí interactive sessions you will generate interesting, creative solutions which you can apply to your work. You will be surprised how much you will gain from the course and you will see your motivation and confidence levels increase.

Duration: 1-3 days

*This course is available throughout the UK. Just send us a quick message or email to find out where the courses are held in your area.

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