Level 2 National Certificate for Door Supervisors


The Level 2 National Certificate for Door Supervisors is designed for those who wish to work in the industry; and is awarded to those who pass two examinations covering the basic knowledge and responsibilities of the occupation. Successful completion of the course is one of the requirements you need to satisfy in order to qualify for an SIA Door Supervisors Licence. Please Contact Us for further information.


Unit 1
Roles and Responsibilities of Door Supervisors

• the role of the door supervisor • behaviour standards • customer service skills • health and safety at work • civil and criminal law • the law in relation to licensing • equal opportunities • young persons • how to comply with regulations as a door supervisor • searching people • eviction / ejection • offensive weapons • first aid and emergencies • drugs • arrest • incident recording and scene preservation

Unit 2
Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

• introduction to communication skills • self-awareness • avoiding conflict • effective communication and customer service skills • recognising and defusing conflict • maintaining space • defusing high risk conflict • resolving and learning from conflict

The Course

The full Course is delivered over 30 hours (15 hours per Unit), normally four full days, or over multiple sessions of equivalent length … but read on … We have no problems fitting in with existing work shift patterns and are happy to teach the course early morning, late evening or overnight if required! The Course can be tailored to reflect your particular work environment if delivered as a ‘closed’ course – that is solely to you or your employees. Individuals are welcome to join an ‘open’ course where participants will be drawn from a wide variety of different companies and organisations.

Guide Price: Available on request, please contact us

Delivery: Classroom
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