Sales Development 4 Day Workshop Programme - Managing a Sales Team

This is the last in a four day sales workshop programme designed to develop the sales skills of individuals already engaged across the sales cycle towards peak performance. Ideally accessed as a full development programme, the individual workshop sessions also work as stand-alone modules if necessary.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in a sales management role where they have responsibility for generating and managing sales through other team members (as well as perhaps, still themselves).

If you want to be as effective a sales manager or director as possible, if you want to deliver the sales results that the business wants and needs, but through your people, rather than just through your own efforts, then this session is for you!

Many sales managers and directors are appointed having already been successful in a sales role in their own right.

However, a successful sales person may not always be as successful as a sales manager or director, indeed, evidence suggests that this is often far from the reality.

This session is designed to help anyone in a sales management role to be more effective through harnessing their greatest asset, their people.

Manager v leader?
Engaging with the team
Personality traits what to look out for?
How to understand self and impact of self on others?
Prioritising self v team
How your leadership style can drive success
You as the team captain
Situational leadership analysis
The dynamics of successful team
Handling conflict
Coaching for success
Helping the team to G.R.O.W.
Sales forecasting

Guide Price: 800.00 plus VAT

Delivery: In house
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