Wedding Photography

At a wedding, the total focus is on the bride and groom - they are the event! The photography needs to maintain this strong focus on the bride and groom and convey the image that they are first and best in every way on that occasion. The whole concept of a wedding is always romantic, frequently fashionable and preferably overflowing with optimism and life.


Determine factors relevant to any particular wedding, that can impact upon the way in which a photographer will plan and conduct the shooting of photos for that wedding.
Learn how to plan what to do, where and when on the wedding day.
Select photographic equipment appropriate for use when photographing a wedding.
Determine an appropriate style for wedding photographs, according to the needs of the client.
Improving your photographic composition.
Shoot a Wedding Ceremony
Shoot a Wedding Reception
Process and present wedding photos to the clients, in a variety of formats
Successfully establish, market and manage a wedding photography business

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