Introduction to Animation (Basic Macromedia Flash)

We are quickly moving into a new era of computing technology where the bandwidth constraints of the past are rapidly disappearing. As we move into a broadband-based infrastructure, we can begin to enrich the content displayed on the web to add fuller and more dynamically driven content. Bringing sophisticated and tasteful animation onto your site will add to the visual impact and enhance the user experience. Once you being to play with Flash you will begin to understand the potential of this new medium.

Aimed at individuals seeking to explore the creation and application of animation techniques within their web or other interactive media presence.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this unit the student should be able to:

Recognise and apply a variety of terms and terminology applicable to animation design

Apply and employ the basic rules of successful animation design

Demonstrate an awareness of successful animation design within business constrains

Produce corporate guidelines for branding and design for your business

Design an animation, using basic interactivity, for the web

Demonstrate the ability to use industry standard software

Module Duration:

3 consecutive days, next date TBA January 2005


6 Thursday Evenings, next date TBA January 2005

Module Content:

Understanding of the role of design

Overview of animation theory and how it can be applied to digital design

Working with the basics of Macromedia Flash

Introduction to selections, moving, rotating and resizing vectors

Working with layers, text, symbols - graphics, movies and buttons and the timeline

Understanding how interactivity can improve the user experience

Description of plug ins and compatibility

An understanding of masking and how to implement it

Introduction to the Flash programming language - ActionScript

Guide Price: 150.00 per candidate

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Animation »

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