Help Desk Senior Analyst (HDSA) Fast Track

This fast track course has been developed to cover the agreed standards and objectives for the Help Desk Institute's Help Desk Senior Analyst qualification. The course content matches that of HDSA 1 and HDSA 2 but is delivered in a more intensive format.

Throughout the 3 days, delegates are encouraged to participate in discussions and group exercises that should enrich their knowledge and understanding of their environment. They will participate in discussions and group exercises on the role and responsibilities of the modern help desk and determine the necessary attributes, skills and knowledge required for their staff.

HDSA Fast Track covers effective communication and Customer Relationship Management as well as customer service skills - what is expected of an analyst as well as the importance of being a role model. The course will review and practice presentation skills, along with the production of effective, informative and professional reports. The subject of handling potential conflict situations is addressed, as are effective leadership skills, stress management and teamwork.

The importance of understanding business needs and expectations together with ways in which the IT support function can better meet those needs and expectations is addressed, as is the importance of professional credibility - what it means and how to attain and maintain it. We also identify the core disciplines with which the help desk interacts, and the role the Senior Analyst plays within, or supporting, those disciplines.

The tools and technologies typically used within the support environments are debated, to ensure a common understanding, and the importance of and need for accurate measurements of the services that we provide. Methods of utilising information from statistics and surveys are also determined and discussed.

The course concludes with a brief look at project management, the skills required for effective project management, and some of the reasons why projects fail.

Guide Price: 1080 members (cost per person)

Delivery: Classroom
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