Enhancing Personal Influence

Course Objective: to help managers enhance their ability to influence others through their own personal ‘power’ and appropriate behaviours, without relying on the designated authority of line management or status.
Suitable for: managers who already have experience at leading and influencing others and wish to enhance their ability to influence without posing a threat or creating disharmony.
Complementary Courses: Performance Management, Performance Management of Teams

On completion of the workshop participants will have:

· identified their key behaviours when interacting with others

· recognised a range of appropriate positive influencing behaviours

· explored and practised the range of positive influencing behaviours

· better understood their personal preferences when seeking to influence others

· identified and planned behavioural changes that will enable them to have greater influence over others.


· Defining Influence

· Diagnosing Current Influence Behaviours

· Gaining an Insight into the Perception of Others

· Three Components of Influencing Behaviours

· Understanding the Thinking Behind Behaviour

· Practice and Feedback

· Matching Behaviour to Situations

· Planning and Practising Personal Change.


As a result of the workshop participants will be better able to:

· constructively influence others toward positive outcomes for both parties

· build trusting and productive relationship

· communicate ideas effectively and gain commitment to these ideas

· utilise the unproductive energy loss associated with stressful relationships.

Guide Price: £1,950.00 for up to 8 participants (includes all pre-course consultancy)

Delivery: In house
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