Is it really necessary to shrinkwrap a cucumber?

These courses are aimed at small corporate groups and we can tailor the content of the course to the strategic requirements of your business.
Sustainable packaging workshop for packaging designers and professionals. This engaging, hands-on course offers clear guidance on meeting the sustainability standards which are increasingly a key part of packaging briefs. Laurel Miller of a.m. associates delivers this quick, effective way to educate yourself, offering knowledge and tools to stay up to speed, producing great design which is also good for the environment.
Let's turn the sustainability challege into an advantage!

You will be able to
• Understand which materials are best to use in terms of source and disposal.
• Make informed decisions on the environmental information that bombards you. Understand the path of pack from production to disposal.
• Make informed decisions on the complex issues of biodegradability and compostibility.
• Understand recycling symbols.
• See great design and brand image as components that don’t have to be compromised and can still be achieved within an environmental framework.

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