Confined Space

Confined Space Awareness Course

People are killed or seriously injured in the UK each year in confined spaces. Those killed include not only people working in the confined spaces but those who try to rescue them without proper training or equipment.

Who Should Attend Employees who, when carrying out their scope of work, may encounter a confined space and has no requirement to work within that confined space.

Course Content • Definition of a confined space • Specified Risks • Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry. • Risk Assessment and hazard identification • Atmospheric hazards and gases • Principles and use of gas detectors • Safe systems of work & permits to work. • Roles, responsibilities and topman duties • Pre use checks Course Outcome • Explain what is meant by a confined space. • Understand the importance of risk assessment. • Be able to discuss safe systems of work and permits to work • Understand the principles and use of gas monitors. • Understand proficiency in the use of personal escape breathing apparatus. • Be able to define employer’s and individual’s roles and responsibility. Course Durations Our Confined Space Awareness course is a 1 day course and is for a maximum of 10 people

Guide Price: £100 - £150

Delivery: Other
Category: Confined Spaces »
Duration: 1 -2 days
Qualification: In House or Certified

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