Relationship Based Selling

In a recent survey the average cost of a new sale to a business was calculated at 500. If you need to generate 4 new sales per month, that's 24,000 per year. Now imagine if those new sales came from your existing customers. What would you do with the extra 24,000?

Your sales people showcase your company to your customers. How confident are you that they are giving your customers the best possible experience? Successful selling isn't just about following a process. It's about engaging with customers and building long-term, meaningful relationships. After all, when you know how much each new sale costs you; earning more from existing customers is the obvious solution.

Farscape's relationship-based selling master class introduces business to business sales people to a sophisticated selling approach. The secret? Knowing how to build positive relationships and going for the long term game over the quick win. Combining proven selling techniques with powerful behavioural training, this one-day master class is a must for anyone who is responsible for selling. For just 395 per person this course is guaranteed to provide you with tools that you can use immediately. It will also introduce you to communication tools that aren't just about selling. This master class also offers a foundation for other specific selling techniques programmes.

Guide Price: 395.00

Delivery: Classroom
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