Marketing in One Day

Marketing in One Day is a one-day workshop covering the basics of marketing, including low-cost, tangible and effective techniques for sole traders, entrepreneurs and small business owners. It covers marketing planning, plus aspects such as social media, blogging, content marketing, email marketing, websites, etc.

The workshop offers:

- A complete marketing communications strategy plan template, provided on USB flash drive.

- In depth knowledge of how to improve marketing for your business, including handouts.

- The chance to complete your company's strategic plan during the workshop, aided by input and advice from a marketer with more than 20 years' experience.

- An enjoyable and thought-provoking day.

At the workshop, you will learn how to set marketing objectives, maximise your brand exposure, and position your company through messaging. You will learn the basics of various types of marketing activity, such as social media, content marketing, blogging, websites, public relations, and email marketing..

As the workshop unfolds, you can complete an individual marketing strategy plan for your business, which will then enable you to go back to your business with a clear and concise idea of how to move forward with your marketing.

Guide Price: 99

Delivery: Classroom
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