Ayurvedic face massage

Next course - 7th May 2010

Ayurvedic Face Massage is possibly one of the oldest facial rejuvenation routines in the world. The massage is deeply relaxing and uses oils to encourage the removal of toxins, promote harmony and balance in the body as well as stimulating facial muscles and marma points.
The massage has many different names, including Indian Face Lift, Ayurvedic Face Lift, and Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation etc. Essentially they are all the same routine and all have the same effects.
The massage focuses on the head and neck and uses specific oils to release deeply held tension making the skin appear toned and healthy. It also detoxifies, stimulates circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage.

About the Course

This professional level one day course is open to all, it is not necessary to have previous experience.
The course is one day long and will teach you the basics of the therapy and how to perform it safely and professionally.

To include:
* Oils for specific Ayurvedic skin types
* Marma points of the face
* Lymphatic drainage techniques
* Traditional routine
* Enhancement techniques

Recognised by the FHT and Holistic Insurers (Embody) for insurance purposes

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Guide Price: 90

Delivery: In house
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