Record Keeping for the Bioterrorism Act: Meeting and Exceedi

The Bioterrorism Act requires one level up and one level down traceability for any food product made. Yes. There is no guidance from the federal government on how to keep records to comply. This presentation will give the attendee insight into why the records are not monitored or inspected by the government until there is a health risk.

It will also cover what is expected when the records are needed for a suspected adulteration.

Why Is this important:

* The Bioterrorism Act and recall record keeping has been frustrating to companies to comply with. The presenter teaches the Grade A branch inspectors what to expect in a suspected health incident, and what comprises satisfactory records. The presenter also works on several national and global initiatives for Bioterrorism Act recall record keeping task forces.
* What will the expectation be of the FDA and other investigation agencies in case of a suspected recall?
* Learn how to keep records to protect your business in case of involvement in a health incident.

Areas Covered in the seminar:

* Learn what inspectors and ratings officers are being taught..
* Simple methods to narrow the list of products to test.
* Methods to protect your company from being involved with one of your suppliers.
* Learn how to keep records to create confidence in the regualtory agency when an incident occurs.

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