REPS 3 Personal Trainer course

How do we differ from other training providers?

1. Our courses are run by industry experts who have years of experience in developing training materials and exercise programs for large organisations. Our Tutors are well seasoned Personal Trainers and Teachers who know how the Fitness Industry works. They will train you how to succeed in business as well as pass on their knowledge and skills.

2. When you successfully complete the course we will provide you with a Mentor who will offer guidance, support and advice for 6 months afterwards. If you need advice on how to get more clients, or how to write a program for a specialised athlete, or even for a chat about getting a job, then your Mentor will be there for you.

You will study the following modules:

Unit 1 Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis
Unit 2 Advanced Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
Unit 3 Advanced Resistance Training
Unit 4 Advanced CV Training
Unit 5 Nutrition and Weight Management Advice
Unit 6 Plan, Market and Sell Personal Training Services

Guide Price: 1350

Delivery: Unknown
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