Cartooning for Trainers and Presenters

Have you ever watched someone draw a cartoon right in front of you – to help explain a point, or just to bring an idea to life? If you have, you’ll know what a powerful method of communication a simple drawing can be.

Spend a day learning the fundamentals of cartooning with experienced professional cartoonist and trainer Martin Shovel. The workshop also offers practical strategies and ideas for using cartooning in a variety of settings, from the training room to the boardroom.

This is a hands-on workshop for people who want to be able to:

-use the simplicity of cartoons to get across complex ideas and information
-improvise with cartoons to bring more spontaneity and humour into their facilitation and training
-design materials that appeal to a variety of learning styles
-produce entertaining and memorable visual aids, in advance or on the spot.

In the workshop you will learn the fundamentals of cartoon drawing with an experienced professional cartoonist and trainer. This includes how to draw your own ‘live’ cartoons, and how to develop your own visual metaphors to help get your message across.

Guide Price: From £2,000 for an in-house day workshop

Delivery: In house
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