Lone Working

What topics are covered by the course?

Anticipating & Assessing risks whilst lone working
Planning for safety (in an office alone, attending meetings, home visits, travel, handling cash etc.)
Reporting incidents
Lone Working & The law
Managing Conflict (optional)
Breakaway Techniques (optional)

Who should attend?

All staff who work alone whether employed or voluntary. This course will be tailored to suit the needs and values of the organisation

What will I be able to do on completion?

The delegates will be able to assess risks to their personal safety whilst working alone and hence plan to avoid, reduce or manage any residual risks.

How will I be assessed?

Delegates will produce an action plan for improving their personal safety whilst working alone.


Half day or One day. Please note that the half day courses do not include any input on managing aggressive behaviour


• State your legal responsibilities as an employee in
relation to lone working

• Identify foreseeable personal safety risks whilst
working alone (working in other people’s homes, alone
in an office or building, one to one meetings, travel etc.)

• Review and improve existing safe systems of work and

• State how to maintain contact with others and how to
get help in an emergency

• Develop individual strategies for avoiding, reducing and
managing personal safety risks

• Develop strategies for maintaining personal control
when faced with difficult situations

• Sharing practical skills and techniques for defusing


This course will increase delegates confidence in the day to day aspects of their work. They will become more aware of working alone safety and be prepared to be able to deal with difficult situations if they arise. It will also reinforce the importance of following procedures, guidelines and safe systems of working for all who attend.

Guide Price: £500 (half day) £650 (full day) + Vat for up to 20 people

Delivery: In house
Category: Safety & Security »
Duration: Half day or full day
Qualification: None

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