Breakaway & Safe Escape Techniques

What topics are covered by the course?

Personal Safety & The Law - delegates will be able to understand the Law in relation to the use of force for personal Defence and / or the Defence of others.

Dynamic Risk Assessment - delegates will be able to use their observational and listening skills to rapidly identify the relative dangerousness of any given situation.

The importance of non-verbal communication including promotion of personal space.
The basic breakaway strategy the simplest thing you can do to breakaway from an assault?
Share best practice in being able to use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to defuse anger or distress

Identifying the types of common assaults staff could experience and whether this is an act of:
o communication
o warning
o attack
Common assaults and breakaway methods:- Hand shake, cuddle, inappropriate touch, Hand grab; wrist grab; collar grab; grab from behind; front bear hug; rear bear hug; hair grab; other grabs; front strangle; rear strangle; biting; scratching etc.

Demonstration Practice Observation and Review of breakaway disengagements

The importance of reporting all incidents of aggression and violence.

Course Review and assessment of learning

Who should attend?

Any member of staff at risk or potential assault or being grabbed at by their clients

What will I be able to do on completion?

Escape safely from various grabs and assaults

How will I be assessed?

visual assessment by tutor


To give learners the confidence and ability to safely and legally escape from any aggressive or violent actions by a third party.


One or two days.


Related legislation and national guidelines

Areas of the body to avoid


Escapes from grabs, strangle holds, chokes, bear hugs,
bites and hair pulls

Defense from punches and kicks

Recording incidents

Guide Price: 500 & 650.00 + Vat for up to 16 people

Delivery: In house
Category: Safety & Security »
Duration: Half day or full day
Qualification: NNTC certificate

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