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The Certificate in Financial Advice (CeFA) qualification is an essential prerequisite for all those wanting to become a financial adviser, including preparation for the Diploma in Financial Advice (DipFA). The CeFA qualification comprises four individual modules. These modules are fully described here.

CeFA training (Certificate in Financial Advice) is the first step you need to take if you are looking to become a financial adviser, whether self-employed or employed, and intensive CeFA training courses are widely recognised to be the fastest and most effective way to achieve success with these valuable financial qualifications. However, we provide 3 different CeFA training options, so we have a CeFA solution to match everyone's budget and personal circumstances.

To be successful on our CeFA intensive courses or our CeFA home study programme, you need no academic qualifications whatsoever, nor do you need any industry experience. In fact, the vast majority of our successful CeFA delegates came to us with no formal qualifications and absolutely no financial services experience. All our CeFA courses are specifically designed for individuals who are completely new to the industry, although we have also trained many who currently work within the banking and mortgage sectors.

Since the late 1990s, our professionally qualified CeFA trainers have provided CeFA training for thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom, conducting CeFA courses in London, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Norwich, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast. Please view our TESTIMONIALS page for evidence of our CeFA successes and to see what our CeFA delegates say about our CeFA service, then hit the back button to return here.

CeFA Qualification Structure

The CeFA qualification is divided into the following 4 modules:

•CeFA 1 - UK Financial Regulation
•CeFA 2 - Investment and Risk
•CeFA 3 - Protection and Pensions
•CeFA 4 - Assessment of Financial Advice and Knowledge

To achieve an overall pass with the CeFA qualification, you need to pass each of the 4 modules:

CeFA 1 - UK Financial Regulation (divided into Units 1 & 2)

Unit 1 topics are:
- The UK financial services industry
- Financial asset classifications
- Financial services product types
- Financial advice areas
- The process of giving financial advice
- Legal concepts relevant to financial services
- The impact of inflation and other economic factors

Unit 2 topics are:
- The main aims and activities of the FSA
- How other laws impact on businesses and the process of advising clients
- The FSA approach to regulation
- FSA rules and control structures within firms

CeFA 2 - Investments and Risks (divided into Units 3 & 4)

Unit 3: Principles of Investment
- Investments and risks
- Risk
- The taxation of investments

Unit 4: Investment Products
- Deposit-based investments
- Fixed-interest investments
- Asset-backed investments (shares, etc)
- Other asset-backed investments
- Life assurance
- Uses and abuses of investment products

CeFA 3 - Protection and Retirement Planning (divided into Units 5 & 6)

Unit 5: Protection
- The purpose and scope of financial protection
- State and local authority benefits
- Life assurance policy bases
- Protection against the financial implications of death
- Protection in the event of illness or accident
- Underwriting the risks
- From proposal to claim
- Wills and intestacy
- Inheritance tax
- Trusts

Unit 6: Retirement Planning
- The individual's position at retirement
- Pensions from the state
- Tax treatment of pensions
- Pensions from the employer
- Individual pension arrangements
- Pensions from previous employment
- Rules relating to pension benefits
- Options on retirement
- Recommending pension solutions
- Non-pension retirement solutions
- Other pension-related issues

CeFA 4 - Assessment of Financial Advice and Knowledge

This is a case study examinations, which tests our ability to apply the theory that was described in the first 3 CeFA modules.

The Benefits of Professional CeFA Training

- Much easier than having to learn from the IFS manuals without assistance and guidance

- You can complete the CeFA courses quickly and without distraction

- The course content is presented in bite-sized chunks (study blocks) for easy learning

- Each study block has its own test, which is completed and marked in the group

- Support is immediately available from our top quality CeFA trainers

Please have a look at our website if you would you like to discover how we can give you all you need to get you started with your new, exciting and lucrative financial adviser business.

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