Selling Across Ttles

Course Objective: to develop the existing sales skills of the delegates, in particular to encourage them to sell across all the titles in the portfolio.
The course addresses the importance of being able to understand the context, history, needs and requirements of the client, and how the products can be sold with relevance to them. It will also enable them to set and act upon objectives which will help them develop more business.
The course will encourage the delegates to think clearly about the clients they are selling to and the marketplace as a whole. They will be asked to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their own products as well as their competitors.
Suitable for: media sales teams needing to sell into more than one publication.
Complementary Courses: Strategic Selling, Complete Presentation

Setting objectives

The competitive market as a whole - territory management

The creative process

Review of existing sales techniques

Developing effective questioning techniques when selling more than one title

Using the safety net to ensure the probe is complete

Creating ugency within the client to buy

Understanding your products - strengths and weaknesses

Selling series advertising

Building long term business relationships

Developing an effective presentation of all your products

Gaining confirmation and closing

Product knowledge test of all your titles

All key learning points are highlighted with role-play and practical exercises

Guide Price: 1,950.00 for up to 8 participants (includes all pre-course consultancy)

Delivery: In house
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