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qualification comparison tool

Qualification Comparison Tool

Most of us have qualifications under our belts; either those we left school with, went on to higher education and achieved or gained as a result of attending a post graduate training course. But what do they actually mean and how do we match a certificate from 20 years ago to today's modern equivalent?

The Courses Plus qualification comparison tool lists many of the more recognisable, and well known, qualifications. Giving an accurate breakdown of what they stand for, its equivalents across and pin points how a potential employer should view your achievements. This tool is for anyone - either a prospective employee or employer looking to understand the difference between multiple qualifications.

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study methods compared

Study Methods Compared

We've put together a quick reference study guide to help you compare the different ways you can complete your course. Whether you are seeking to study full or part-time, online or in-house, we've explained each study method, who it is good for and the key features of each style.

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study methods compared

Employment automation, are "bots" taking over?

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How To Be A's

There is a great deal of career choice in the world and yet, finding the correct starting point for your working journey can be a bit of a chore. Even seemingly simple job types have a pre-determined route to get you from A to B, but finding this information can sometimes prove painstaking. Courses Plus has provided you with a list of popular careers and how to manoeuvre yourself into those positions. What it takes to get qualified, what experience you'll need to land that all important role, typical working patterns and earning potential are all points covered in this simple to understand format.