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Tarot & Spiritualism Training
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Tantra Speed Date - London! Where Playful and Mindful Meet!

The only dating event with a 95% match rate! Play relationship skills games and go on up to 24 fun, facilitated dates. See why singles are calling Tantra Speed Date "Yoga for your Love Life."...

Course type: Full Time delivered Other
Guide price: GBP 25.0 - GBP 50.0

Dragon Magic

Dispel the image of the dragon as a fire–breathing maiden–munching monster which is defeated only by a ‘Knight in shining armour’. Dragons have been historically thought of as magical creatures with great wisdom and are often known as the ‘...

Course type: Self Paced delivered as distance learning
Guide price: £170

Angel Magic

Belief in Angel Magic is as old as the belief in Angels themselves. Angel Magic is the ancient art and ritual of summoning and communicating with Angels. After some decades of being unfashionable, the modern world has re–discovered Angels a...

Course type: Self Paced delivered as distance learning
Guide price: £270

Qabbalah - The First Steps

If you are seriously searching for direction on your spiritual path then knowledge of the Qabbalah is essential. The Qabbalah encourages you to use your natural abilities for intuition, learning and experience, providing self-instructional ...

Course type: Self Paced delivered as distance learning
Guide price: £370

Pendulum Dowsing & Radiesthesia

This course will introduce you to the world of the pendulum, subtle energies and collective unconscious. You will learn how to develop your extra–sensory skills to gain answers to all manner of questions which clients might pose. Developing...

Course type: Self Paced delivered as distance learning
Guide price: £345

Clairvoyancy - Understanding the Practice

There is today still a big misunderstanding that clairvoyancy involves some sort of mysticism and magic. However, in this course the student will be taught that clairvoyants use their own intuition, which is something that we all possess. ...

Course type: Part Time delivered online
Guide price: £165.00

Crytsal Ball Scrying

The practice known as scrying allows you to look into the probabilities of the future, past or present with the aid of a chosen object such as a crystal ball or pool of water. This fascinating course will enable you to understand the proces...

Course type: Self Paced delivered as distance learning
Guide price: £270

Tarot Master Diploma

A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons. Course Description: "A true Tarot Master needs to have intimate knowledge of the source of tarot, its magic and its mysticism." From ancient wisdoms have sprung powerful psychological ways of ...

Course type: Full Time delivered online
Guide price: £160.00

Myth and Mysticism in Christianity

Can there ever be a melding between religion and spirituality? Can tarot be a valid tool, influenced by the beliefs of another tradition? How can spirituality and psychology be used together to provide informed, self-defining guidance?...

Course type: Self Paced delivered online
Guide price: £25

Unconditional Clarity workshop: on mission and relationships


Course type: Short Course delivered Other
Guide price: Early Bird Ticket: GBP 90.78, VIP Ticket: GBP 137.86.

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