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Personal Development Courses

Personal Development training courses can help professionals and individuals develop various necessary visualization and creativity skills. Personal Development can include anything from Assertive Behavior training to Organizations skills training. Personal Development courses include Creative Imagery courses, Conscious Romantic Relationship courses, Building Self Esteem courses, mental training courses, Problem solving courses, stress management courses, time management courses, business time management courses and emotional intelligence courses. You can find a variety of Personal Development training courses through the Courses Plus UK website.

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Personal Development Training
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interactive course to improve self awareness , persoanls and interpersonal skills...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £85.00

Personal Development - Improvisation for Life

We will teach you the skills and principles you need to improvise life and work one step at a time. Our faculty features highly experienced tutors from the London Impro scene and the Applied Improvisation Network and we offer classes in per...

Course type: Part Time Evenings delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £180+VAT

Personal Empowerment: self discovery of thoughts & feelings for stress relief and peace of mind

ShoomKloom course is an online classroom with classes in which participants are guided through series of eye opening questions. You will find your own answers and explore beliefs, ideas and concept on topics such as: relationship, love, se...

Course type: Part Time Evenings delivered online
Guide price: $1080

Personal Branding Workshop

First impressions matter. This starts with the way you present your brand, your products and your employees’ image. It's crucial for your company to project the right image to maintain its credibility and attract more clients....

Course type: Short Course delivered in house
Guide price: 139

Personal & Business Development Workshops

A workshop is being established to support you both personally and in your business. Using different transformational techniques, we will empower you by seeking clarity in what you want and how to get it. It will inspire you to take action,...

Course type: Part Time delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £150 for the 10 sessions

Money Magnet Workshop

Learn how to manifest more money in your life, Follow your passion and become a money magnet. Rid yourself of your negativity about money matters and improve your health by changing your views on financial matters....

Course type: Part Time Evenings delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £20 per person

Management and Leadership Skills

Successful employees can be great in their field but when it comes to managing their team they can struggle as it requires a different set of skills. This is the support we offer to help managers effectively lead, move forward within their ...

Course type: Full Time delivered in house
Guide price: 389

Finding your Motivation Mojo

"I'd like to achieve more in my life and at work, but somehow I don't manage to make changes happen!" Do you ever wonder why some people seem more motivated than others? What does motivation consist of? Why do I achieve some of my goals ...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: 52.99

Improve your Memory

Memory training is about being able to consistently recall key information at the right time during a conversation, meeting or presentation creates a great impression - a characteristic of successful people. However, good memory is not excl...

Course type: Short Course delivered in house
Guide price: Request on booking

Courses for your Daily Life

Learn how to improve your emotional health, relationships and communication by taking the time to do things differently, enjoy unique opportunities and learn new skills. We all want to find the real meaning of life and live our lives with p...

Course type: Short Course delivered online
Guide price: £79

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