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Mon 11th Feb 2013

Why Send Your Managers on the NEBOSH General Certificate?


Are your managers putting your business at risk? If they dont have suitable skills or experience in managing health and safety they could become a huge liability for you. Whats more its possible that their lack of knowledge could result in someone becoming seriously ill or injured. You need to ensure your managers are prepared when it comes to maintaining your procedures and policies. Its your responsibility to make sure theyre trained to a suitable level, which is why you may wish to learn more about the NEBOSH General Certificate. 

What Do You Gain from the Qualification?

As an employer you have a duty to provide the right training to all of your staff, including your managers. If you manager is found to be breaching the law and you havent ensured they are competent you both could face legal action. You are at risk of legal action regardless of whether or not someone is injured or falls ill with an occupational illness.  By sending your managers or supervisors on the general certificate you gain by:

  • Providing the right level of training required for the role meeting your legal responsibility
  • Help to ensure the health and safety is managed effectively which in turn reduces costs
  • Help to provide a safe working environment  working towards meeting your legal responsibilities

Whats covered on the NEBOSH General Certificate?

Managers will be provided with numerous skills that can be applied directly into the workplace. A lot of focus is put onto managing techniques to help create a strong health and safety culture within your company. They will learn the difference between proactive and reactive monitoring measuring both used to reduce the risks found at work and stay on tip of current policy and procedures.  Furthermore, the candidates will learn about how to create new safety measures and working methods.

Risk assessments play a huge role in reducing hazards and providing a safe and healthy place to work for employees. The NEBOSH general certificate goes into the purpose of the assessments, how to produce them; make records of them and the reviewing process. Furthermore the course looks into fire risks and methods that can be used to minimise those risks. This is excellent as its important to create procedures to deal with fire and managers walk away with fantastic skills in this area too. 

Reporting and investigating accidents is another topic that is looked into. Your manager will understand why its necessary to hold an investigation, even if the accident didnt result in a serious injury. Another bonus of this comprehensive course is the inclusion of how physical processes can result in ill health. It will teach managers to recognise the hazards and introduce control measures to help stop workers from suffering through poor job development. 

Where are the Courses Held?

If you decide to send your managers or supervisors on the general certificate you have a few options. The first is to find a course held in the local vicinity. Many local training centres provide the ideal location for classroom learning. The other option is to offer your managers the training in-house. This is possible if you have several people who need training and its a great way to save money too. Finally you can provide distance or e-learning options where the course can be completed at a slower pace. 

The NEBOSH General Certificate provides managers with a recognised qualification. The skills learnt on the training benefit all businesses.