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Mon 8th Apr 2013

The need for Health & Safety Training within the Construction Industry - A must read!!

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Being a Manager or a Supervisor within construction is regarded as one of the most responsible positions held in the industry. Construction sites are the most dangerous land based work sector in Europe. In The European Union, the fatal accident rate is the highest against any other sector.  

Between 2011 and 2012 there were 49 deaths and more than 2,800 major injuries in the UK! Many people feel that these could be avoided with proper implementation and adherence to company Health & Safety Policy.


·         One in four of construction sites in the UK are failing health and safety checks after inspections!

·         In Britain, construction injuries account for 22% of fatal injuries to employees.

·         An estimated 1.7 million working days were last year due to work related illness.

The problem is that the hazards and risks are unknown to many, and additionally site managers and supervisors may not be aware of the consequences of failing to meet their responsibilities.


Health and Safety training is the most effective solution to reducing the hazards and risks. If most people within a company are aware of their responsibilities then any work place will become safer. Not only does this help for you to work safer but it also helps you understand your responsibilities to your manager, work colleagues, external contractors, and the wider public and environment.

The most recognised qualification within the industry is the SMSTS (Site Manager Safety Training Scheme) for mangers, supervisors, company directors, and self employed individuals; and the SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) for supervisors and also for junior staff.

Not only can completing these courses improve the safety of your site, but can also open up work opportunities, and ability to win contracts.

The SMSTS qualification is run over 5 days and allows students to take part in practical exercises, which is an invaluable experience to take back to the workplace.

The qualification is valid for 5 years after which a 2 day refresher can be taken to extend the qualification for a further 5 years.


SMSTS COURSES UK is the largest provider of SMSTS training across the UK and provides the training on a regular basis in all major cities.

The training and qualification is CITB accredited.

In addition, grants are available from CITB for the training for CITB levy payers.

With continued training within the construction industry, there is a hope to reduce the worrying numbers of injuries and fatalities. is the largest provide of SMSTS and SSSTS training acros the UK.

You may contact them HERE or by calling 020-7993-2534