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Wed 16th Nov 2011

Shropshire Fire Consultant selected to audit Fire Safety Training Providers

Shropshire Fire Consultant selected to audit Fire Safety Training Providers


A Shropshire Fire Consultant has been selected to audit the quality of service provided by UK Fire Safety training providers.


Mike Ablitt who runs Shrewsbury based Unicorn Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd has been co-opted onto the Institute of Fire Safety Mangers Accreditation Team.


Until June last year, Mike was the Head of Fire Safety for Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service.  Mike said Its a great privilege to work with the IFSM and I am absolutely delighted to be able to assist the Institute in its drive to push up the standards of fire safety training organisations.


 Since the introduction of the Fire Safety Order in 2005, all public buildings and places of work are obliged to provide fire safety training for their staff. Many do this in-house, but a lot prefer to engage specialists to undertake this task. The Institute of Fire Safety Managers is worried about the poor quality of service some of the so called specialists actually provide.


Mike explained Many business managers have been badly let down by training providers who frankly do not have the knowledge, skills or experience to teach this subject. Unfortunately, there are very few controls in place and any one can have a card printed and claim to be a fire safety trainer! It is very difficult for mangers to know who they can trust.


Mikes advice is to check that the provider you are choosing is a member of a professional body such as the Institute of Fire Safety Managers or the Institute of Fire Engineers. If they are, then they are bound by a professional code of conduct. The IFSM and IFE both run registers of training providers which are displayed on their web sites.