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Thu 29th Nov 2012

Search Engine Optimisation - Why all the fuss?

Website Marketing and Promotion

A website can be an extremely useful promotional tool to not only reinforce your business for existing clients but a website also can be your most valuable asset, when it comes to marketing your business to new customers/clients. I say can be, because there are literally billions of web pages on the world wide web, all competing against each other, for their share of the online world.

On average, 80% of online traffic is driven by the major search engines and some 50% of buyers search for products utilising the major search engines before they make an e-purchase. Online competition between the various players offering similar services is fierce. Therefore it becomes critical for businesses to show-up on search engines for search terms related to their products or services. Just selecting a few well chosen relevant keywords is not enough. Your website needs to be customized, refitted and monitored so that it achieves sustained high rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Unless you are in a niche market getting to appear in the top 50, let alone in the Top 10 takes time and effort.

Think of your website in terms of a window display, which needs dressing and refreshing on a regular basis to catch the attention of passers by on a busy street and draw them inside -late night shopping near to Christmas on Oxford Street in London comes to mind. Not only do you have to catch the attention of the passers by but you first have to position your site on this highly sort after virtual street in the first place, in order to stand a chance of being seen by those passing by. If Oxford Street is the equivalent of a Page 1 SERP, then Pages 2 - 50 can be likened to the streets surrounding Oxford Street in terms of the relative number of shoppers who actually venture off the main street.

So there are two aspects to Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, which have to be taken into account, in order for you to gain a competitive advantage and attract online shoppers to your site.

First you have to market your website effectively for your potential customers and secondly, you have to effectively promote your website to the major Search Engines.