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Thu 20th Jan 2011

Present Your Way To Success

Present Your Way To Success


Presentation skills training should be an essential part of every motivated business person's repertoire. Every time that you are speaking to your boss, your colleagues, clients and suppliers you are advertising yourself and/or your company as well. It is important to consider everything about yourself from the way that you dress to the way that you speak. There are strong correlations between image and success, beautiful people tend to get paid more and find it easier to get jobs. Of course this is not all about natural beauty but the choices that people make and the effort to which they go to maintain a good appearance. For example having polished shoes and wearing smart clothes that accentuate the best things about your body will not improve your performance but they are likely to improve the way that your performance is perceived. Similarly making sure that you have a neat, tidy hair cut and well groomed hands and nails will all help to boost your appearance in the eyes of others. It is sad that appearance is such a big factor in wages, some studies suggest that the disparity in wages between an 'attractive' and 'unattractive' person could be as much as 14%. You can use this to your advantage by always being well turned out.


The next thing to consider is how you use your body. Always stand straight with your shoulders back this will create a air of confidence, if people think that you are confident in yourself they will be positioned to think that you are confident and therefore worth paying attention to. When you talk speak clearly, neither too fast nor too slow and try to keep to a level and moderate volume.


Giving a Formal Presentation


If you need to give a formal presentation then the best thing to do is to be very well prepared. Many people get nervous about the thought of public speaking but it is just another skill that can be learnt. The first thing to do is to research your topic and prepare a good script. When you have decided upon your script you should get practising, not just once or twice but numerous times. It is also a good idea to make a video or sound recording of you giving your presentation. When you watch it back you will be able to tell if you need to speak clearer or faster and where there are areas for improvement. Remember that you are likely to be your harshest critic, others will not see faults where you do, but the tighter you can make your performance the better that it will end up being.

Presentation skills training is a great way to boost your confidence through coaching with industry experts. There are so many tools and techniques that it can help a lot to have someone explain things to you and to have opportunities to practice with people that can give you useful constructive criticism.