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Thu 17th May 2012

Popularity is the name of the game

Keeping on top of changes in how the major search engines rank your website is becoming increasingly important in this digital age, where social media is pervading every walk of life. And yes, that now includes how the major search engines, such as Google, have responded to this challenge in their ranking methodology.

Since release of Googles algorithum tweaks, the balance has tipped away from keyword placement to how well your website is designed, written, liked and shared by others.  Popularity is now the name of the game.

User metrics i.e. time spent on site, number of page views per visit, click through rates and bounce rates therefore take on ever increasing significance. Quality and originality of content now plays an even more important role in the rankings.  If a pages content is original, well written and engages your target audience then this will automatically have a positive impact on your visitors and subsequently your search engine metrics, particularly Google.