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Thu 7th Jan 2010

Plumbing Training Courses in demand

Trade skills courses have always been a popular area of CoursesPlus and Plumbing Training in particular is an area of our site that has secured a spot in our hottest categories list for a few years now. This week though traffic and enquiries for plumbing courses have peaked with the announcement of the Governments boiler scrappage scheme.

The new scheme, announced by Prime Minister Brown on January 5th, will see 125,000 households receive a 400 grant towards the a new, eco-friendly boiler if their old one is energy inefficient and G-rated. In announcing the scheme Gordon Brown said it will help to secure 250,000 jobs across the tens of thousands of small and medium businesses involved in boiler manufacture, sales and installation that form a vital component of Britain's low carbon economy

The announcement, and the boost that it will give to the plumbing trade has sparked interest in plumbing courses. The plumbing trade is being seen as an area of growth in difficult economic times and many are predicting that more people than ever will look to qualify as plumbers in the coming year.

Those interested in qualifying as plumbers can find over 130 plumbing courses here on CoursesPlus with training being offered throughout the UK. Related topics can be found in our Construction and Trade Skills training category.