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Fri 19th Aug 2011

No more open book exam!

We have just received formal notification from IRCA (International Registe of Certificated Auditors) , they are revising the exams and are going to make them tougher.

The major change is that the 2-hour IRCA set exam will have to be taken closed book. The only thing delegates will be allowed will be unmarked copies of the standards.

The other changes include raising the minimum pass mark in each section from 40% to 50% and changing the multi-choice section (section 1) to questions requiring short written answers. In short the exam is going to be quite a bit tougher.

All of the training organsiations will have to adopt the new exam moudule by early 2012 or even earlier.

So if you have not made your mind up to complete the internationally recognised QMS auditor/lead auditor course to ISO 9001:2008, or the QMS course designed for auditors working in the pharmaceutical industry and you need to do internal audits, supplier audits or certification audits, it is the time to act!   

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.



Lydia Yeh

Training Manager 


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