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Tue 23rd Feb 2010

Management Training Key to Post Recession Success

 The effects of the recession can be seen all across the world. Businesses large and small have gone bust unable to cope with the demands of the new economic environment. Difficult trading conditions open the door for talented managers to show their worth. Good managers have normally undertaken a variety of training in order to help them deal with complex situations including economics, accounting, human resources management and change management. A survey, conducted by the Scala Group and ACE network, revealed that 70% of the U.K. senior human resources professionals questioned regarded coaching line managers and under achieving management teams as a top priority. This survey suggests that many companies are turning their attention to nurturing in house talent rather than hiring consultants and new employees to deal with problems. Effective management can significantly increase profitability and there are many courses specifically designed to get new managers and those with experience up to date.


Only 17% of the companies questioned listed formal leadership training as a focus, but the training professionals would urge the other 83% to reconsider their position. Professionals advise that the first step of management training will strengthen the company internally; Creating a shared company vision and streamlining communication within the business. The second part of management training is designed to further strategy, creating direct interaction between processes and the management team and educating managers on how to get the best out of employees and their market position.


The professionals suggest that although training may appear to be an unnecessary expenditure in the current economic climate, it will put businesses at the front of growth during the anticipated economic recovery. They claim that being well placed to deal with future growth is the key to successful business in the future.