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Wed 12th Sep 2012

Live Practice Labs - The new learning sensation

IT & Computer |


Live - Hands-on Practice Labs

First let's clear off the topic of a what is a lab.

Imagine you read a book on how to drive a car but never actually get in the car. Sure you've seen how cars are driven all your life, they are everywhere, they have a few buttons, some pedals and a gear shift. How hard can it be right? No need to pay for expensive lessons, you book up your driving test, hop in the car and away you go..... CRASH..... wow more tricky than you thought huh, getting the timing right when pushing the clutch down and changing gear is something that you can only learn by doing.

So a lab is a place to try out IT related activities that you've read about in a book or in your course material, it might be creating a new user in Active Directory, Installing SQL Server 2008 or building an EIGRP routed network. Whatever the task is it's important that you get the feel of how it works, which buttons to click, which order to do things. This is what the lab gives you that a screenshot in a book doesn't.

What things can I achieve then?

This is the hardest question we get. Our normal response is "anything you like" but this is not really the best response to give. But in most instances it's true. IT is about opening your mind, sometimes we think of it as being an Artist or Architect. If you can dream it then you can do it. Take a look at the courses available for a better understanding of which topics you can achieve in the labs. The boundaries are there to be broken, there is much more you can achieve in the lab than what is on the list.


Live Labs Environment

The Live Labs environment allows you to practice with the real systems that you need for your course, at anytime from anywhere. You have access to all the technologies you need. These are not simulations, as we are firm believers in learning by doing.

The Live Labs Learning Environment offers:

  • Hands on practice with live systems.  This is the best way to learn, as mistakes are possible, you will need to concentrate when completing your exercises.  All our exercises come with an online live lab which uses real equipment enabling you to carry out each practical task in a safe environment accessible from anywhere, without the need to buy your own equipment
  • 24/7 access to the technologies necessary.  Live Labs is available at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection and is set up for each individual student, so that you can practice and learn on all the systems needed for your course. 
  • High quality practical exercises - Live Labs also provide high quality practical exercises covering Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA exam topics helping you to reduce your studying time and increase your results.
  • Risk Free - Make a mistake, no problems, just reset the live labs environment and start again
  • Value for money - For example (prices are approximate), Windows Server 2008 -£458.00, Windows 7 Pro - £ 156.00, Cisco Switch - £158. to £543, Cisco Router - £258 to £458. At the top end you would have to spend £1615 just to buy the software and hardware never mind the cost of the server and PC on top of that. So for a fraction of the price you can learn how to use and configure them all.