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Wed 19th May 2010

How a New Course is Hoping to Ensure Candidates 'Get the Edge at Interviews'

After what is officially the longest recession on record, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently announced the strongest growth in industrial production for almost a decade.† Whilst businesses in the private sector are beginning to emerge battered and bruised from the adverse conditions of the past couple of years, the future looks rather more bleak for the public sector. With large-scale job cuts likely over the coming months, its a fairly safe bet that there are likely to be large movements in the job market.† Competition for those vacancies that do arise will be intense. †

Interviews may be notoriously ineffective predictors of role-person fit, but they are the only selection tool used by the vast majority of organisations. † And, as most of us know, the person that gets the job is not always the most qualified or experienced.† In fact, it is usually the candidate who comes across best in the interview that lands the job offer.† So how do individuals actively seeking their next role - or those simply considering what their next career move is - improve their chances of success in these circumstances?†

Watt Works Consulting Ltd - a consulting coaching and training company based in Knutsford, Cheshire that helps individuals and organisations improve their performance - may have the answer in the form of †an innovative interview skills training course...

They are offering individuals from any sector the chance to radically improve their performance at interviews.† Entitled Getting the Edge at Interviews and scheduled over a weekend, their 2-day course provides attendees with a wide range of strategies, skills and techniques from the world of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help give them the edge at interviews.† NLP defined as the study of excellence has long been recognised as providing a wealth of powerful strategies and techniques to radically improve performance across a wide range of contexts.† Watt Works is now applying these principles to help improve interview performance. † †

Research shows that what you communicate goes well beyond the actual words that you use.† Our course is designed to provide people with a wide range of skills, strategies and techniques to ensure they can get their points across in ways that will radically improve their effectiveness at interview, said David Kerr - Managing Director of Watt Works Consulting.†

We help attendees manage anxiety and build rapport effectively from the first few seconds. We teach them how to use space and non-verbal communication to their advantage and hone their ability to pay attention to the things that will make a difference to their chances of success, he commented.

Kerr continued, We work with participants to refine and improve their listening skills, so they get the information they need to respond in ways that their interviewers are expecting. We teach them how to use language patterns for influence and much, much more.† In short, we teach them the strategies that the most successful interviewees use, and give attendees a rarely-glimpsed view of what interviewers are really looking for.

The company hopes that their course will fill a gap in the market, and will provide a much-need boost to those wanting to land their next role.† Priced at just £99 plus VAT for the entire weekend course, we want to give as many people as possible the chance to get their dream job, said Kerr.††For those hoping to stand out from the crowd and give their interview skills a dust off, this could be a small price to pay to succeed in the current job market.† It might even be exactly what you need to give you the edge at your next interview.

For more information on Getting The Edge at Interviews held at Booths Hall in Knutsford over a weekend, check out the before booking online or call 01565 759893 for more details. †