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Tue 20th Dec 2011

Great Opportunities

Great Opportunity and Great Responsibility.

The world of podiatry faces a future that has significant opportunity as well as challenges. We know that the careers and opportunities within the NHS are changing and becoming less accessible. However, as a health profession, our clinical skills and services are receiving greater recognition and accreditation, giving us opportunities to extend our scope of services within and outside of the NHS.

We have previously reviewed the clinical service world of Aesthetics, which more and more podiatrists are extending their skill sets to be able to provide. We know that the huge growth and demand from the public is making this an attractive area of extended practice for podiatrists to undertake.

However, with great opportunity, surely we must accept that there is also great responsibility. We know and accept that there are some standards for podiatrists entering this field of practice; you have to pass an accredited course, and; attain insurance as a qualified Aesthetics practitioner. However, the debate is now on if this is enough. As clinical specialists should we take the gauntlet to lead the establishment of further standards that will provide a benchmark of safe practice for this whole sector.

The institute is now taking up discussions with some of the most prominent voices in the industry and looking to work with the Department of Health to take forward a consultative and well debated approach to the issue.

As forward thinking clinicians we must take the opportunities to provide world class clinical services, increase our career opportunities and ensure that we are promoting and delivering safe and assured services to the public. We appreciate this may not always be easy but this does appear to be our opportunity to take a lead.

The debate is now on. There are a number of blogs, websites and opportunities for you to have your say and to find out more. Please get involved and have a voice in how and what standards you fell should be in place.

Lisa Moore,


Twitter: @fluentheatlh1

Lisa Moore qualifications: MSc Professional Development, PGCE registered with the nursing & Midwifery council, BSc (Hons) Podiatry, Specialist practitioner in medical facial aesthetics

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Lisa Moore, Head of Podiatry, NHS Sefton, May 2010 Current

NHS Sefton, Curzon Road, Southport.

Lisa Moore, National Clinical Lead, DH Informatics Directorate Current Department Of Health, Princess Exchange, Leeds,



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