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Thu 2nd Sep 2010

Environmental NEBOSH Training Essential For Many Health and Safety Officers

A report by Nebosh (The National Examination Boad of Occupational Safety and Health) has found that 55% of health and safety management jobs also require a thorough understanding of environmental issues. So in addition to the standard Nebosh training professionals should now take environmental courses. Nebosh analysed 100 job adverts in April and May of this year for health and safety management roles.

They discovered that the role of the health and safety manager has evolved to include environmental management and in some case quality management as well. 42% of the jobs included 'environmental' in the job title underlining just how serious a topic it is for many employers. Developments in environmental management are happening rapidly and there is now no excuse for companies to not take their environmental impact seriously. Thanks to the growing concern for not just the health and safety of people and buildings but for the planet understanding environmental impact and quality and compliance procedures should now be regarded as a key area of NEBOSH training for health and safety professionals.

The salaries for the advertised positions were predominately between 30,000 and 65,000 per annum with one job being offered at 100,000. These significant salaries reflect the importance of the position of the health and safety manager to many companies. The role has developed to become more complex and demanding and Nebosh training has in turn developed to reflect these new more challenging roles.

Nebosh are an industry leading health and safety body, who have just celebrated their 30th birthday. Nebosh training has had a significant affect on the role of the health and safety officer. When Nebosh were started health and safety was not a weighty consideration, with their hard work it has become a key role in every industry. Their importance to industry and pre eminence in their field is recognised by a large number of companies. 25% of those that asked for applicants to have a grounding in environmental management demanded that they also have IEMA (The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) membership or a NEBOSH environmental qualification or diploma.

The future is bright for NEBOSH as they are a dynamic company that react quickly to new issues and enable their candidates to work more efficiently and more effectively. NEBOSH courses cover a range of different subjects from basic health and safety training to advanced environmental management courses. They currently have about 180,000 graduates including many international graduates, Nebosh training courses are globally recognised and are one of the best qualifications that you can get when working in this field.