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Thu 2nd Sep 2010

Could You Benefit From Asbestos Training?

A new survey published by the British Lung Foundation shows that 65% of home owners would not confidently be able to identify asbestos in their home. More worryingly a different BLF survey showed that only 12% of tradesmen were aware that asbestos exposure can be fatal and only 25% of tradesmen had adequate asbestos training, the remaining 75% had none at all. Prolonged or intense exposure to asbestos fibres can cause a number of different lung diseases. Mesothelioma and asbestosis are the two most serious associated conditions. Mesothelioma is a cancer causing a malignant tumour which begins in the lining of the abdominal cavity. Asbestosis is caused by scarring in the lung tissue when asbestos fibres are caught in the lungs.


Asbestos awareness is essential to avoid these conditions. Asbestos has been a widely used material in building, construction and mechanics, its use is now strictly controlled. However it is still present in many different places, the places which have caused the most concerns are hospitals, schools, business locations and private dwellings. If asbestos is left untouched and covered with a impermeable layer of something like paint, then it is unlikely to cause harm. It is the tiny dust fibres from asbestos that do the damage so it is important to not disturb them.


Problems typically occur during demolition, renovation and DIY. If people carrying out this type of work are not adequately informed then they could be putting themselves at risk. Asbestos training will teach you how to recognize asbestos, how to correctly remove it and dispose of it and it will provide information about the various essential safety equipment that is needed to protect the lungs.


Asbestos training should be an essential part of any tradesmen's safety training. The risks are not obviously apparent as the conditions do not immediately materialise but build up over a prolonged period of time. In the case of asbestosis it can be as many as 20 or 30 years before there is a notable affect. However in some cases the conditions can appear earlier. The British Lung Foundation also note that people who smoke are more likely to be affected by asbestosis.


Thousands of people die every year from asbestos related diseases and it is not a problem that will go away swiftly as it is present in so many buildings.


If you are not in the construction trade but undertake a lot of DIY then you should also consider getting asbestos training. It will help you to understand the risks involved and the techniques and equipment you can use to protect yourself and your family and friends from being contaminated with asbestos.