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Fri 3rd Jun 2011

80% Course Funding Available

Up to 80% Craft and Technical Bursaries - are you eligible?

Craft and Technical Bursaries are grants for you to spend on either a preselected range of courses or a course of your choice that covers key craft and technical skills the industry is looking for in its workforce.

The amount you can get can vary, depending on whether you're employed or work freelance.

You'll get:

* up to a maximum of 800 if you are a freelancer; and
* up to a maximum of 500 if you are in permanent employment.

It is vital that you read the eligibility guidelines before applying. Your application will not be successful if you do not demonstrate that you meet all the eligibility criteria.

Contact us for the full guidelines, including what you can apply for, the amount you can get, how to submit your application and how we define 'freelancer' and 'employee':

Below is an overview of the main eligibility criteria, so that you can quickly check whether you have the necessary experience before downloading the guidelines to read further.

Are you eligible?

As an applicant, you will need to demonstrate proven professional experience working in the TV industry i.e.:

* will have at least 3 broadcast credits on your CV;
* or will be able to provide evidence on your CV of having worked on 3 projects with one or more TV employers i.e. broadcasters or TV production companies. Evidence will need to be a description of the job/projects worked on. We may request referee details for each job/project if necessary;
* or, you are returning to work after a career break, and can indicate in your application how this training is essential to your employability
* or, you are regularly working in the industry as either a freelancer or an employee.


* Will be able to demonstrate how the training you are applying for will benefit your career in the TV industry;
* Are either a UK national or living and regularly working in the UK as a freelancer or in permanent employment in the TV industry;
* Are living in the UK at the time of applying for a bursary;
* Have selected a training course from the list of eligible courses, or a course of your own choice that fits into one of the Craft and Technical priority skills areas, and have been accepted by the recognised training provider; and
* Are not receiving another form of Skillset subsidy to attend the training.

and the course you want to attend:

* Starts no earlier than 5 days after the date your application is received by Skillset;
* Appears on the list of eligible Craft and Technical Courses on Skillset's Media Courses database; or
* Fits into one of the following Craft & Technical Skills priority areas:
o Directing (especially creating quality content on restricted budgets);
o Lighting (especially for HD) and Sound;
o Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe (especially for HD TV);
o Set Crafts (especially for HD);
o Post production;
o Broadcast Technology;
o Live Gallery Skills (including Studio Direction and Vision Mixing for PDs, Vision Mixers and PAs);
o Moving genres (programmes aimed at developing skills across TV genres, e.g. from Factual to Light Entertainment, from Factual to Drama, and developing Current Affairs programme-making skills for Journalists/Researchers/Camera Operators);
o Production (providing the skills professionals need to progress from: APs to progress to Director or Producer).

The following people are not eligible for support:

* Actors;
* Presenters;
* Those in full time education;
* NonUK residents, including international students;
* New Entrants or Junior Professionals (for example, those who only have experience as a Runner or a Junior Researcher);
* Those whose experience of TV work was undertaken at film school, on training courses, or in education.

Once you have read the guidelines, are sure you are eligible and want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity: