How To Become A Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary

The Job

Legal secretaries provide administrative support for legal professionals such as solicitors and lawyers. The role includes preparing and processing legal documents and court reports, scheduling meetings, organising calendars and filing systems, keeping records of costs and dealing with client enquiries. Legal secretaries need to have a methodical approach to their work, be computer literate and have a good understanding of legal procedures and the law.

Annual Salary

Legal Secretary Salary

Minimum Education Level

Level: Level - Entry

Minimum Qualifications

To train as a legal secretary you will need GCSEs (A-C) in English and possibly maths. You will also need good computer skills.

Recommended Qualifications

To find work as a legal secretary you should ideally have an appropriate qualification at Level 3 or above. Qualifications are offered by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, (CILEx), City & Guilds and the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs. Courses cover subjects like word processing for legal work, proof-reading, business skills and legal information processing.

Average Working Hours Per Week = 30-40


Common Working Pattern

Common Working Pattern

Time Taken To Qualify

1 to 2 years

What Next/Career Development

If you want to develop your career you could take additional qualifications in areas such as conveyancing or corporate law. With higher level qualifications in business administration you could become a senior secretary or office manager, or take further training to become a legal executive, a paralegal or a solicitor.

Facts And Figures

94% of legal secretaries are female.*
51% of legal secretaries work part-time.*
In 2012 there were 10,102 private practice legal firms registered in England and Wales.*

* (Source: National Careers Service)
** (Source: The Law Society)