Employment automation - "bots" taking over?

Tech Invasion - Computers Taking Over?

There's quite a buzz surrounding Bill Gates' prophesising about computers taking over large numbers of today's jobs. Within the next twenty years he believes we're likely to see more 'bots' carrying out duties which were once the lifeblood of the labour force. The twittersphere is literally creaking under the weight of comments aired in the wake of his bold claims - some in agreement but still peppered with those who don't concur.

The rate of technological advancements, however, means Big B's fortune telling may not be so "pie in the sky" after all. In some corners, experts say a 20 year lead time is way off scale, calling for fruition a lot sooner.

Termed "software substitution" Gates believes the lesser skilled labour end of the employment market will suffer most. Telemarketers, retailers and bottom tier accountants may well be for the chop. The upside to all this could be an increased requirement for higher qualified "humans" to take on roles that bots can't replace - yet.

On a roll, Gates also added tax codes to the mix and gave his views on raising the minimum wage - he sees this as detrimental to the US economy. In a quote from Business Insider he explained: "When people say we should raise the minimum wage I worry about what that does to job creation... potentially damping demand in the part of the labour spectrum that I'm most worried about."

Sceptics say this is typical Gates who always has eyes to market. But equally a "heads in the sand" mentality will always surface when doom and gloom predictions rear. Refusing to acknowledge an ever changing technological landscape is foolhardy but maybe, as Gates describes, "something people don't have in their mental model".

Courses Plus recently curated a raft of data touching on this subject. Scanning through the infographic you'll notice areas of concern where automation is predicted to encroach. Also listed are the types of employment that will never (fingers crossed) become computerised.

How are you making contingency plans for the arrival of the new era of employment?

Based on our research, here are courses offered by providers at CoursesPlus that are least at risk of automation:

Tech Invasion - Computers Taking Over?