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Advanced Negotiation Courses

Advanced Negotiation training courses are designed for individuals who wish to enhance their negotiation skills. There are several different Advanced Negotiation courses available that can give you information about how you can get into an Advanced Negotiation way of thinking. These courses are ideal if you are trying to build your confidence and understand individual decision making processes. Once you learn these essentials skills, these advanced courses will also guide you on how to apply them to real life situations. You can locate a number of Advanced Negotiation training courses through Courses Plus UK.

Similar Courses

Advanced Negotiation Skills

The design of a deal determines its faith. Even if you ensure your security and profitability, but you are not fair to the other party, down the way, the deal will end up to a conflict and you will lose at least in some aspects (maybe finan...

Course type: Short Course delivered in house
Guide price: $ 3,197

Avanced Negotiation

The training will develop the attendees’s negotiating abilities. Negotiating both as buyer and seller, attendees will leave the course with improved skills, greater confidence and a much fuller awareness of how to get the other party to res...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £875.00 + VAT

Successful Negotiation in Procurement and Sourcing

This course is designed for buyers, managers, technical specifiers and sales people wishing to gain an insight into the art and science of procurement negotiation. The course is designed to be applicable to all personnel engaging in contact...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £3,250

Negotiation Skills Advanced

This course teaches people an advanced set of principles that will help them obtain better results when negotiating. Whether having acquired negotiating skills by attending our basic level course, or through hard gained experience, this cou...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £249 + VAT

Advanced Negotiation Masterclass

As a result of the workshop, participants will improve their ability to: plan and prepare negotiations, adapt their approach to others, develop creative use of concessions and demands, handle deadlock and tricky situations. For more informa...

Course type: Full Time delivered in house


This two day advanced negotiation skills training course is designed for experienced negotiators who are looking to develop advanced negotiation skills in the more complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process. It is a highly i...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £795 1st delegate (£595 for any others from the same organisation) 2 day course.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills draws on neurolinguistic programming techniques and will provide those involved in purchasing, procurement, selling, contracts or client relations with innovative techniques and negotiating strategies which can b...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £1,045 plus VAT

Advanced Negotiation Skills for Senior Managers

Put yourself and your organisation in the strongest position with Advanced Negotiation Skills Who is it for? This course is ideal for managers who need to negotiate at a senior level. It is also very popular with those involve...

Course type: Short Course delivered as classroom based
Guide price: £895 + VAT

Interactive Negotiating Skills

The course is structured to view all types of negotiation with the use of role play and practical workshop enabling the delegate to look at various techniques and apply the skills as they learn. With everyone under pressure to achieve more...

Course type: Full Time delivered as classroom based
Guide price: from £365

Advanced Negotiation Skills

A powerful, structured 1-day Sales-Elite program focussing on the following important aspects of successful negotiation skills:  Negotiation techniques  Factors influencing negotiations  Preparation & informatio...

Course type: Full Time
Guide price: £295.00 net

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